Pricing and FAQs

How much does it cost?
Price varies based upon complexity, but there is a general standard for the most commonly requested items. No individual commission request typically exceeds $70. Some of the common requests are standardized in cost as below.

How long does it take?
The complexity of the request, as well as the number of open requests, will dictate the time it takes to complete. If there is a deadline that needs to be met, then please let me know ahead of time. Otherwise, I typically will finish a single request within the course of a week, in some cases only a day or two.

How do I request artwork?
You can send an email with your inquiry to

I don’t have a coat of arms, can you help me design one?
I can help in designing a coat of arms, yes. However, there are fairly strict guidelines on what constitutes ‘correct’ heraldry, and so I would suggest that the requestor become generally familiar with those concepts to make the decision easier. There are many good sites available that cover the basics, and depending on where you live, the rules may vary.

How do I pay, and when do I pay?
Payment details are worked out ahead of time, a rough draft is presented, and once the rough draft is accepted, payment is made via PayPal and the final piece is delivered. In some cases, I will accept payment after, but usually this is reserved for returning patrons who have developed a report.

Do you mail or deliver hard copies?
No, I do not send hard copies of the art. I will provide a high resolution, 300PPI-600PPI png image which you can then print with good quality. This saves both parties money on shipping and supplies.

Do you make art besides coats of arms?
I also will do medieval style art such as illuminations. You can see some examples on my portfolio page.